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Interested in Cultured Marble or Solid Surface Training Programs?

Gruber offers professional technical training courses for beginning and advanced cast polymer professionals - those interested in producing cultured marble, solid surface, and other cast polymer products for the home and office. Learn what you need to know technically to manufacture and fabricate cultured marble, cultured granite, cultured onyx or solid surface products to make money by selling cast kitchen and bath products to the commercial construction, single-family and multi-unit housing, remodeling markets and other industry segments.

Note: Training Classes have been postponed and are not currently offered at this time. Please contact us if you would like to receive a notification when training classes resume.

Revenue-generating opportunities exist worldwide by manufacturing cast bath and kitchen products for the home and commercial properties - producing and selling bathtubs, showers, wall panels, countertops, vanity decks, vanity bowls, sinks, trim and hundreds of other innovative cast products. For 40 years, Gruber has served the needs of cultured marble, solid surface and other cast polymer manufacturers - providing molds, manufacturing equipment, materials, supplies and technical "know-how". We've designed manufacturing plants worldwide, and continue to serve the needs of manufacturers worldwide on an ongoing basis.
Gruber offers intensive, hands-on professional training in these disciplines:
  • Cultured Marble Manufacturing
  • Solid Surface Manufacturing and Fabrication
These two classes are intended for people wanting to learn how to manufacture cast polymer products - such as cultured marble, cultured onyx, cultured stone and solid surface. These classes are intended for those new to the industry, as well as for those who have had prior experience but want an intensive refresher. Anyone considering a business producing cultured marble/onyx/stone or solid surface should likewise participate in this class before you make important decisions about your manufacturing plant - so you have a much better understanding of the process, the required resources, and your plant layout.
These classes provide a person with no technical experience an intensive, hands-on environment where they will learn all aspects of how to make cast polymer products. These classes are ideal for anyone considering a cast polymer business making cultured marble or solid surface products. Our team of technical and business professionals are also available during your stay to discuss your needs, and maximize your learning experience and benefit.
For any organization considering entering the cast polymer manufacturing industry, we highly recommend that you have 1 or 2 key people in your organization take the class before starting your business. Hundreds of business owners, general managers, production foremen, workers, and industry suppliers have completed the Gruber Systems Training Program since it began in 1976. Gruber’s training program emphasizes a “hands-on” approach to learning. We believe the best way to learn the proper, most up-to-date, proven methods of manufacturing is through carefully supervised  practice under the watchful eye of an experienced instructor.


Cultured Marble Training Course

Provides 5 days of intensive overview and hands-on technical training of all phases of cultured marble manufacturing to produce quality cultured marble cast products, including facility preparation, equipment operation, mold selection, mold preparation, casting, demolding, finishing, fabrication and installation of products.  Also included are overviews of the specifics manufacturing requirements for Cultured Granite and Cultured Onyx. Training will utilize Gruber Systems’ process control automated equipment, molds, materials and supply products. Note that all training classes are now 5 days (Monday through Friday) rather than 4 days - to maximize your benefit.
2014 scheduled dates for the Cultured Marble Manufacturing course are:*
  • May 12 - 16, 2014 (Monday - Friday)
  • October 6 - 10, 2014 (Monday - Friday)

* Please be advised that Gruber reserves the right to cancel a class prior to the class for insufficent enrollment. Be sure to enroll in the class more than 30 days in advance of the class. Click here to enroll in a class.


Solid Surface Training Course

cultured marble training, solid surface training

Provides 5 days of comprehensive hands-on technical training to enable manufacturers to produce polyester-based solid surface products, as well as provide fabrication and product installation training. This course utilizes Gruber’s process control equipment, Gruber molds, our Granatex™ granite-effect filler materials and a variety of solid surface manufacturing and fabrication supplies.


* Please be advised that Gruber reserves the right to cancel a class prior to the class for insufficent enrollment. Be sure to enroll in the class more than 30 days in advance of the class. Click here to enroll in a class.

* Interested in training, but can't attend a regularly scheduled class?

Notice - The decision to provide you with a specially scheduled class is subject to availability of our training staff, our facility and the necessary company resources to provide proper professional training. We will make reasonable efforts to accommodate your desired schedule, but the decision to commit to a special class is completely at the discretion of Gruber Systems. Our regular published training fees do NOT apply for any special scheduled class, and must be arranged prior to committment of a training class. Minimum required attendance is two (2) or more people, and the price quote we provide for a special class will be based on your committed attendance at that arranged training class and your particular circumstances. All training fees must be pre-paid prior to the training session or training will not be started. Please contact Gruber for more information.