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"Mold Release" is a term that relates to the preparation of a mold surface, to prepare that surface for multiple "pulls" (casting cycles). The goal is to ensure that a casting releases from the mold each and every time. The best solution to ensure this is to use our GruberCareSemi-Permanent Mold Release products.

Choose mold care products for wax- or polymer-based mold release systems, or our new advanced polymer-based MR CA series for a broad range of composites manufacturing applications.

  • GruberCare - designed for maintaining wax-based mold release products, and includes wax cleaners, sealers, strippers and wax-based mold release agents.

  • GruberCare MR Series - designed for polymer-based release systems, and includes polymer cleaners, sealers, strippers and wax-based mold release agents.

  • New Advanced GruberCare "MR CA" Series - advanced polymer-based formulation for a broad range of composites manufacturing applications.

GruberCare™ Mold Care Products - Selection Guide

Application Strippers/Cleaners Sealers

Mold Release

GruberCare - for Wax-based Mold Release Systems

For Wax-Based mold release


210 GC Stripper


Release Wax

Interphase Wax

Flange Wax

PVA Concentrate

GruberCare MR Series - for polymer-based Mold Release Systems

For Polymer-Based multiple mold release system products, recommended for use with Cast Polymer applications (Cultured Marble, Solid Surface and other fiberglass molds):

MR Solvent Cleaner

(Cleaner & Rinse)
MR Sealer


MR Hi-Tec

MR 2-IN-1

GruberCare "MR CA" Series- for a broad range of composites release and tooling applications

Advanced polymer release agents specifically formulated for a broad range of material applications

MR Stripper CA

MR Cleaner CA

MR Sealer CA



* NOTICE: Certain GruberCare products described above should not be supplied, sold or offered for sale within the State of California, and especially not within the jurisdiction of the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD)


GruberCare™ Semi-Permanent Release System

For maintaining fiberglass molds for cast polymer applications such as cultured marble and solid surface manufacturing.

Gruber has a recommended semi-permanent mold release "system" that utilizes the following GruberCare mold care products:

Step 1 MR Solvent
Step 2 MR Cleaner*
Step 3 MR Rinse*
Step 4 MR Sealer
Step 5A MR GP
Step 5B MR Hi-Tec

MR 2-IN-1

* Part of the GruberCare WetStrip Mold Cleaning System