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Bowl Drain, Overflow and Installation Components Print
Gruber supplies all necessary components for setting up lavatory bowl drain systems and overflow systems (shown in the following diagram). We also supply a number of installation aids - such as bowl clips and others that are set into the matrix during casting to provide an integral bowl mounting system. These components are used to manufacture cultured marble or solid surface vanity bowls.

Drain and Overflow Components


Drain Components:



Three versions (No Overflow, Oval Overflow, and Round Overflow) - in both trimmed and untrimmed versions.




Define the drain outlet size and serve as a base for the polycollar.


Drain Boss

Eliminate the need for polydomes, captive nut assemblies, and suction cup assemblies by using these high quality, machined aluminum drain bosses. Two models!


Suction Cup Stem Assembly

Firmly attach the polydome, overflow components and floating bowl mold to a vanity deck mold.


Captive Nut Assembly

This assembly is permanently affixed to the drain end of the mold - eliminating the need for a stem assembly.

Overflow Components:

rdoverflowpolycollar150 no-overflow-polycollar150


Three versions (No Overflow, Oval Overflow, and Round Overflow) - in both trimmed and untrimmed versions.



Choose from Round or Oval Pipe, or standard round tubing. Use for overflow or other drain applications.








Oval-to-Round Adaptor

Reusable Overflow Stems

Round or Oval Reusable Stems
Oval-to-Round Adaptors

Options to connect overflow pipe or round tubing to the bowl drain system


Bowl/Faucet Installation Products:


Faucet Hole Rings

A real time saver, these waxed cardboard rings are positioned in place on the vanity mold to create faucet holes in the cast product - thus eliminating the need and possible damage from drilling.


Floating Unit Assembly (FUA)

aka "T-Nuts", they are placed into ungelled matrix, and provide a solid anchor for attaching undermount bowls to marble vanity tops.


Bowl Clips

Used with the Floating Unit Assembly (FUA) for attaching undermount bowls to marble vanity tops.


Beauty Rings

Beauty Rings are a small decorative component that is used to surround, beautify and protect a vanity bowl overflow hole. Rings are available in both oval and round shapes, and in a variety of finishes shown below. Subject to minimum purchase quantities.
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