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For versatile, durable and virtually invisible seaming of solid surface, engineered stone materials and other materials!

    • Superior bonding performance
    • 26 standard colors, and custom colors available upon request.
    • Easily dispensed with manual or pneumatic guns
    • Limited colors available in "no gun required" small 75 gram bags - perfect for homeowners or spot field repairs!

    Seamless Adhesive is a specially formulated, two-part 10:1 ratio universal solid surface seam adhesive. It offers excellent adhesion to a variety of solid surface sheet materials including cast acrylic, cast and densified polyester. Seamless is equally adept as a high-quality adhesive for other dissimilar materials such as natural stone, engineered stone, and wood-based products. The adhesive exhibits excellent performance in resisting water, impact, wear, scuff, boiling water, and high temperatures.

    Either Seamless formulation offers excellent adhesion to a variety of solid surface sheet materials including cast acrylic, cast and densified polyester, as well as compatibility with many other materials including engineered stone, natural stone and wood products. Note: For materials other than solid surface, we recommend testing on a material sample before use to verify compatibility.

    Accurately match the right Seamless color to your brand of solid surface material!

    Seamless adhesives are subject to stringent laboratory color matching with all major solid surface manufacturers' materials. To accurately determine the right Seamless color for your particular solid surface material, refer to the color matching guides for each manufacturer listed below:

    Acrystone® EOS™ HI-Macs® Staron®
    Avonite® Formica® Meganite Topstone®
    Caesarstone Gemstone Montelli™ Wilsonart-Earthstone®
    Centura Granatex® (from Gruber) Mystera Wilsonart-Gibralter®
    Corian® Hanex Polystone®
    Diamond Surfaces Hanstone RSI
    Diamonite Harmony Silestone®

    Or, click here to view Seamless Color Swatches

    Note: Colors shown on a website do not always accurately represent the true color of a material. Use of these color compatibility guides is your best assurance that the Seamless color you select will be right for your material. Do NOT attempt to visually match a color shown on our website with your material Websites use limited color ranges and cannot ensure color match visually.



    Seamless Adhesive

    Seamless Adhesive is a specially formulated, two-part 10:1 ratio solid surface seam adhesive, featuring a working time of 10-15 minutesand can be sanded and finished within an hour.

    Gruber Seamless™ Adhesives are available in two packaging sizes - either 75 gram bags, or 250ml cartridges.The 75 gram bags do NOT require an applicator gun, static mixer tips or plungers, and can be applied simply and easily by hand, simply by breaking a seal, mixing the two material compartments together, then cutting a corner of the plastic bag and applying the material.

    250ml cartridges require an applicator gun, as well as static mixer tips (both sold separately - see below)

    Product Bulletin - Seamless Adhesive

    Click here for Detailed Order Information for each color and packaging size available.


    Pneumatic Applicator Guns

    Pneumatic handguns are very convenient, and where a compressed air supply line is available), they reduce operator fatigue since the operator simply has to press a trigger to dispense material - avoiding the backpressure that is present with manual handguns. Pneumatic guns are more expensive compared to manual handguns. These are high quality professional tools that will provide years of service.

    • 250 ml 10:1 Pneumatic Handgun (shown at left) - #SS001-2P


    Manual Applicator Guns

    Manual handguns are desired in most situations, since they are portable (since no compressed air supply line is required), and they are more affordable. These are high quality, professional tools that will provide years of service.

    • 250 ml 10:1 Manual Handgun (shown at left) - #SS001-2
    • 10:1 Ratio Newborn Manual Handgun (not shown) - #SS005-N

    Learn more about Applicator Handguns here

    Shown above:
    (Top) - "Old Style 250 ml, (Middle) "New Style" 250 ml, (Bottom) 50ml

    Static Mixer Tips

    Static Mixer tips are attached to the tip of the cartridge, and as the gun handle is depressed, glue and activator are extruded out of the 2-part cartridge, where they are mixed thoroughly in the static mixer tip as the two materials are driven through the tip. After passing through the static mixing tip, the fully mixed glue is dispensed at the tip of the static mixer tip.

    Available in three styles:

    • Static Mixer Tips for "new style" 250 ml 10:1 ratio cartridges - #SS250-S
    • Static Mixer Tips for "old style" 250 ml 10:1 ratio cartridges- #SS002-S
    • Static Mixer Tips for 50 ml 10:1 ratio cartridges - #SS050-S

    replacement plunger thumb

    Replacement Plungers

    Occasionally, replacement plungers (used on manual handgun) wear, and a replacement is needed.

    • Replacement Plungers for 250 ml manual handgun - #SS001-3


    Bulk Glue and Activators

    For large scale production requirements, both glue and activator are available in bulk quantitities.


    Notice: Seamless Adhesives, and other flammable materials are subject to additional shipping fees when expedited via any air shipment due to regulatory requirements. To avoid these additional significant costs, make all attempts to request shipping via UPS Ground. For more information, contact us at (866) 260-6457.

    For more information:

    Seamless Product Brochure (.pdf) Adobe Acrobat Reader required to open.

    MSDS: Archive of all Seamless Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) (.pdf) - Note: Adobe Acrobat Reader required to open.

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