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Universal Shower Ramps Print

For ADA and "Access" applications

These universal shower pan ramps are designed for use by physically impaired or handicapped persons needing easy, safe entrance to a shower.

The combination of a universal shower pan and universal shower pan ramps shown here offer a versatile combination compared to the 1052 "Accessibility" line of shower pans that include an integral ramp - since the universal shower pan/ramp combination offers the option of creating different sized shower pans from a single mold pair.

Note: These ramps include a slip resistance textured floor pattern. A Slip Resistance Test Report is available online that applies to these Shower Ramps.



12" x 72" Universal ADA-Compliant Ramp

This ramp provides an ADA-compliant shower ramp for use with the Universal Shower Pan Molds

Description/Order Number

12" x 72" x 1-1/2" Universal ADA-compliant Shower Ramp - #226835

Note" This mold requires crating - #C-110S








*Meta or Vinyl Ester mold construction. For Metamold construction, add M to the end of the mold part number. For Vinyl Ester, add V to the part number.

View/Download Mechanical Drawing

Cast Weight - approximately 32 lb


8" x 72" x 1-1/2" Universal "Access" Ramp

This ramp includes a slip-resistant textured floor surface pattern. View that Slip Resistance Test Report.

Note: this ramp is NOT ADA-compliant. See the previous ramp (PN 226835) for an ADA-compliant Shower Ramp.


Description/Order Number
8" x 72" x 1-1/2" Universal Access Ramp - #22683

Access Ramp - 20" x 73" x 1-1/2" with 1/4" Edge

Description/Order Number
Shower Ramp - 20" x 73" x 1-1/2" with 1/4" Edge - #26446