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Gruber offers hundreds of lavatory bowls and kitchen sink molds - in a variety of configurations - Drop-In, Floating or Undermount. Each type above is offered in a number of styles - oval or round, rectangular, shell or designer.

Floating Bowls

Gruber's offers hundreds of floating bowl molds designs. Floating lavatory bowls are mounted on custom no-bowl vanity decks to become and integral part of the cast vanity. Bowls can be positioned for any custom installation. All bowl molds are available with fiberglass females. Most bowls are available with reusable and permanent hats. Like all mold designs, Gruber can create tooling masters and molds to your design specifications, or working in consultation with you. Call for more information.

Four types of Floating Lavatory Bowls are available:
Round and Oval
28 models
20021-Super-Bowl 2
16 models
14 models
9 models

See our line of Accessibility (ADA) Bowls

Drop-In Bowls

The Drop-in type of lavatory bowl is also referred to as a self-rimming lavatory. The drop-in bowl fits through a cut-out in the vanity top. It has a lip or flange that rests on the vanity top, holding it in place.Three categories of Drop-in Bowl designs are available (click on the link for the full line of each category):
bowls and sinks
Round and Oval
8 models
5 models
9 models


Undermount Bowls

Gruber carries a large number of standard and designer models. These are mounted underneath the vanity.

Gruber has a complete line of Speedy Plugs for your convenience that are especially designed for each bowl. Speedy Plugs are available in straight edge or OG styles.



Vessel Bowls

  • Drop-in or above-counter mounting
Gruber’s Vessel bowl series offers a growing line of bowls for customers who are looking for a high end look. Vessel bowls have become increasingly popular in the marketplace, particularly as an upscale option for the powder room. Designers are always on the lookout for something new and fresh and Vessel Bowls are quickly becoming one of their favorites.


Lavatory Pedestals and Wall-Mounts

Lavatory pedestals, pedestal sinks and wall-mounts offer an fashionable and attractive alternative to traditional bowls.

Kitchen and Bar Sinks and Bowls

Gruber Systems is committed to supplying the greatest variety of kitchen sinks available anywhere. A variety of design styles are available for each type, including Bar Sinks, Single Sinks, Double Sinks, Triple Sinks, and Country-style Sinks.New designs are regularly added, so check back frequently!

New - European Style Kitchen Sink designs


Standard Bar and Kitchen Sinks are available in two types - Undermount or Drop-In

drop-in or undermount sinks


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IMPORTANT NOTE: Before placing your new Gruber molds into production, please read the “Mold Break-In Instructions”.