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moldcatGruber offers an extensive selection of high quality standard production molds to fit your cultured marble, solid surface, or other cast polymer production needs.

No amount of manufacturing ingenuity can take the place of a quality hand-crafted mold. Gruber has produced the highest quality molds for almost 40 years for a variety of composites manufacturing applications. The integrity of our products is the result of careful procedures and strict controls. All incoming raw materials are tested to ensure that only quality raw materials are used. Quality control inspections are made four times during our production process, with a final inspection made just prior to shipping.



NOTICE: Specification Sheets are available for most molds shown in this website, and are accessed by clicking on links provided. The dimensions and layouts shown in these spec sheets are not the actual CAD data used to generate the mold. They are approximated values to represent the approximate finished size of the part. These dimensions are NOT guaranteed to be accurate compared to a cast part however. Gruber Systems assumes no liability or responsibility for any discrepancies between the dimensions shown, and actual cast parts produced from the mold. If you need any more precise information regarding a part dimension, please contact Gruber Customer Service.

Choose from these standard production mold designs below, or contact Gruber to have a custom mold made to your requirements.

Shower Pan Molds - including Seats, Shower Ramps and Thresholds)

Bathtub Molds- Oval and Rectangular, or Freestanding Clawfoot tub molds

Bowl and Sink Molds - Drop-in Bowls, Floating Bowls, Kitchen Sinks, Undermount Bowls

Modular Deck Molds - Countertop molds with integral floating bowl

“No Bowl” Deck Molds- Countertop molds without bowl

Wall/Panel Molds - Smooth, tile-look and other contemporary design patterns

Trim and Border Molds

Window Sill Molds

Bathroom Accessory Molds (Soap Dishes/Shampoo Holders, Seats, Steps, Towel/Robe Hangers, etc)

Assorted Molds - Samples, Miniatures and other Miscellaneous Molds - Niche Molds, Grecian Column Molds

Mold "collections":
ADA-compliant mold collection

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Mold Terms of Sale and Warranty

Which mold construction method is right for you - Metamold, or Vinyl Ester? Review this before placing an order for a Gruber mold!

Should you buy a female mold, or use "hats" (permanent hats or reusable hats) - review this before you order!

Custom Designed Molds and Proprietary Molds - In addition to these in-house projects, our designers can work directly as your consultants. You can generate new designs in two ways: by requesting a custom mold for your own exclusive product, or by requiring modifications of our standard catalog molds. Over the years our mold appearance may look much the same, but the molds have changed substantially, reflecting the newest materials and construction techniques.

Slip Resistance Data - Review test data demonstrating compliance with ASTM F462-1994 standards. This test data applies to all Gruber shower molds or tub molds equipped with a textured floor surface, as well as selected other molds.

Glossary of Mold Terms

New Mold Break-In Instructions