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These products continue to be available from Gruber Systems as well below.

Closely inspect a sample of natural granite and you will notice flecks of color you didn't see at first glance. That natural "Granite Effect" look is the inspiration for over 325 Granatex™ granite-effect solid surface filler materials.These granular solid surface materials used are to cast products for kitchens, bathrooms, and architectural environments - such as vanity decks, kitchen countertops, vanity bowl and sinks, wall panels, bathtubs, shower pans and surrounds and more. Granatex allows manufacturers to create solid surface products without gel coat, this is an important factor in the manufacturing of vanity tops, tubs, and kitchen countertops.  We offer a full range of granite colors and sizes, from granules to larger particles.

GTX 200 Series

The most economical line of Granatex GTX solid surface materials. Use without gelcoat for densified solid surface flat stock, or with gelcoat where water is present.

GTX 250 "Marble Glaze" Series

Designed for use behind gelcoat. Processes like traditional cast marble methods. Outstanding vibrancy, color consistency and depth of color similar to GTX 700.

GTX 350 Series

An economical product line that offers a more vibrant appearance than many similarly priced materials.Its color patterns involve a larger particulate size to create unique textured appearance. It can be mixed using a standard mixing system and cast behind gelcoat, or vacuum mixed and cast without gelcoat. GTX 350 makes an excellent choice for use in kitchen environments when blended with resins designed for this purpose. GTX 350 particles have been preblended with Alumina Trihydrate, making the material easy to use while ensuring consistency. Just add resin and catalyst. For frequent water contact, use behind gelcoat is recommended. Use without gelcoat for densified solid surface flat stock.

GTX 351 Series

Granatex GTX 351 consists primarily of the pigment concentrated chips found in each Granatex 350 color pattern to which manufacturers add their own Alumina Trihydrate. We recommend a ratio of Granatex 351 and ATH at 2:1 in order to approximate the look of our Granatex 350 colors.

GTX 400 Series

Granatex GTX 400 is an economical alternative to Gruber's top-of-the-line GTX 500 and 700 for solid surface application.  It can also be cast behind gelcoat. The particulate size of GTX 400 is the same as that found in GTX 500 (below), giving the color patterns a fine textured appearance. It is an excellent choice for solid surface kitchen applications as the material provides excellent stain resistance and barcol hardness when manufactured according to supplier specifications.GTX 400 is pre-blended with ATH in a convenient, ready-to-use one bag mix.

GTX 500 Series

Granatex® GTX 500 is a highly engineered, granite effect filler, designed for use in high water contact environments. It has excellent color depth and vibrancy, for production of premium-quality densified solid surface material for flatstock and for casting of complex shapes. Ideal for the production of sinks, countertops, and flat stock when mixed with an isopthalic NPG acrylic modified resin. Blended with appropriate solid surface resins, Granatex 500 can be used without gel coat, in the manufacture of kitchen sinks, lavatory bowls, shower pans, bathtubs, and many other water intimate products. This is a unique formulation that is the ONLY granite filler material that can successfully be used in situations that involve high water contact without blushing. Granatex 500 is unsurpassed for blush and stain resistance. Combining these outstanding colors with the elimination of gel coat, results in some of the most attractive solid surface parts found for direct water contact available!

GTX 501 Series

- Chips only. Not blended. Eliminates weight of ATH in shipment. Add your own ATH from local sources.

Granatex GTX 501 consists ONLY of the pigmented color chips used in Granatex 500 to which manufacturers add solid surface quality ATH as a substitute for the Granatex 500 processed background material. The usual ratio of blending the 501 chips with ATH is 1:1. Mixtures at this ratio will approximate the color patterns found in GTX 500 - but be forewarned that the final product will not match GTX 500 in performance due to the unique formulation of the background material used to create GTX 500.

GTX 600 Series

Spray Granite solid surface applications. Formulated for spray application (behind gelcoat) of a thin coating of solid surface material to a broad variety of surfaces - including shower pans, tubs, decks, swimming pools/spas, and other architectural surfaces. Backfill with ordinary matrix, or select low-cost or lightweight filler as an alternative. See all 11 spray granite color samples.

GTX 700 Series

Elegant, premium quality solid surface filler for superior quality densified solid surface flatstock or casting of complex shapes. For best results, use of gelcoat is not recommended.  Innovative “chip-in-chip” provides greater chip variation and maximum translucency - producing solid surface with the closest possible look  of natural granite stone. Outstanding depth of colors and texture. Pre-blended with ATH (just add resin and catalyst). User-friendly “Tear and Pour” packaging.

GTX 701 Series

Granatex® 701 consists only of the pigment color chips used in Granatex® 700. Manufacturers add solid surface quality ATH as a substitute for the Granatex® 700 processed background material. The result is a material that approximates the high quality of Granatex® 700, our top-of-the-line granite filler material.

Large Particle Add-in

Large Particle can be added to a number of our Granatex fillers, including the GTX 350, 400 and 500 series to create exciting splashes of color and variation. Large particles are available in 3 particle sizes: Large, Coarse and Super Coarse.

Color Base

Color Base is a single color chip that can be blended with other color chips and Alumina Trihydrate to create totally customized textured patterns. A key advantage of this product is that you can blend your own colors of granite using higher ratios of alumina trihydrate than our other concentrate fillers. Some of our customers have developed attractive colors using alumina/chip ratios up to 3:1, thus significantly reducing their material costs while producing a reliable solid surface material for flat stock.