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Application: Conveying of bulk ingredients
Bulk filler handling systems can be integrated with your continuous casting system, and metering or batching systems to reduce labor cost, improve production efficiencies, reduce wastage (material cost), and likely reduce overhead costs.
Gruber Ground Hoppers include:

Standard Ground Hopper

Basic auger drive system Groundhopper. Used to transport conventional fillers for cast polymer manufacturing, such as calcium carbonate or other fine particle fillers. Basic unit does not includes self-metering or other capabilities.


"Self-Metering" (PLC-controlled) Ground Hopper

Auger drive system Groundhopper. Used to transport conventional fillers for cast polymer manufacturing, such as calcium carbonate or other fine particle fillers. Unit includes a PLC-controlled self-metering system to program in batching requirements.


Pneumatic Transport Ground Hopper

Pneumatic transport system offers the unique ability to locate the ground hopper in remote locations, since the filler is transported to the batching or casting system via a pneumatic transport system rather than a physical auger.Can transport light weight fillers over considerable distances.


Polymer Concrete Ground Hoppers

Variety of Ground Hopper models designed specifically for different fillers/aggregates used in polymer concrete manufacturing:


  • Powders
  • Small Aggregate
  • Large Aggregates

  • Belt-Drive for Large and Highly Abrasive Aggregates


Belt Drive Model for rock other
large and abrasive aggregates



Mobile Ground Hoppers



Gruber can manufacture Ground Hoppers for processing an extensive variety of composite fillers and other materials. Call for more information.

    Ground Hopper Accessories

    In addition to our Ground Hoppers, we offer a complete group of related accessories to further automate your workflow:

    Bulk Bag Suspender Frame - The optional Bulk Bag Suspender Frame allows the option of mounting larger, more economical bulk bags (“Super Sacks”) above Gruber’s Ground Hopper™ bulk solids conveyors.  Mounting large bulk bags reduce interruptions during the manufacturing process, and reduces labor costs normally associated with manual loading of a metering or feed hopper – particularly when compared to manual loading of smaller bulk material bags.  Automation of the bulk material handling system also results in a cleaner, safer working environment and more efficient manufacturing workflow.

    Bulk Bag Gantry - The 4-leg bulk bag gantry is used to transport a bulk bag from a pallet and suspend it over the ground hopper using a hoisted trolley.For overhead lifting and dispensing of bulk bag fillers into floor hoppers for automated casting machines or automated batching systems
    Bulk Bag Roller Conveyor - Bulk bag conveyors facilitate the movement and storage of pallets containing bulk bags (super sacks) from a fork-lift access point to a Bulk Bag Gantry (also available separately).
    Mobile Upgrade Options - Upgrade a standard Ground Hopper or purchase one already configured for portability to service multiple casting, batching or mixing stations - such as day tanks, multiple Autocasters, or other requirements.
    Automatic Casting Tables - Cart allowing repositioning and height adjustments to your existing conveyor system and the Autocaster.
    Call for more information about these additional upgrades:
    • Bin Lids - Minimize contamination with a metal hopper lid.
    • Metering Control Options
    • Load Cells