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Gruber’s galvanized conveyor lines are built using the toughest, easiest rolling wheelways made:

  • Each heavy-duty, 2” ball bearing wheel is rated at a 100 lb capacity for long life and low maintenance.
  • The superior strength of the wheelway channel allows support legs to be spaced up to 10’ apart, a real savings on installations.
  • Conveyors are available in two standard heights - 32” height for regular sized molds, or 24” for larger tub and panel molds.
  • Each support leg rests on a 6” adjustable “foot” for leveling on uneven floors.
  • All conveyor lines are assembled with bolt-together construction for easy line expansion and/or relocation.
  • Mold stops included on the drop ends of all lines allow molds to roll onto the wheelways, but stop molds from rolling off the end of the line. Mold stops are provided for both ends of multi-level lines.
  • The length and width of Gruber Conveyor lines as well as the configuration of multi-line and/or multi-level systems are determined by the customer’s production needs. Gruber’s engineers design, build, and install mold handling conveyor systems to meet a customer’s specific facility, production, and budget requirements. Call today for a quote, or for a consultation!


A number of conveyor systems are available, including:


Roller Conveyor

Roller conveyor systems are an excellent way to move cast solid surface panels throughout the finishing stages of the manufacturing process. Product Bulletin

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A5 Single Wide Conveyor

The A5 skate wheel conveyor systems are our standard conveyor system. The A5 conveyor provides a convenient and uniform way to move molds throughout your manufacturing process. Product Bulletin


A8 Single Wide Conveyor with Shelf

The A8 Skate Wheel Conveyor systems provide a convenient and uniform way to prep and clean molds in the setup and cleaning areas of your manufacturing process. Product Bulletin


A11 Double-Wide Conveyor

The A11 Double-Wide Skate Wheel Conveyor provides a convenient and uniform way to move very large molds throughout your manufacturing process. Excellent for handling very large panel and tub molds. Product Bulletin


F5 Single Wide Finishing Conveyor

The F5 Skate Wheel Finishing Conveyor was specifically designed to provide an effortless way of moving finished product through the final stages of manufacturing. Product Bulletin


F8 Single Wide Finishing Conveyor with Shelf

The F8 Skate Wheel Finishing Conveyor was specifically designed to simplify final finishing (cleaning) of cast product. Product Bulletin


Multi-Level Skate Wheel Conveyors

Multi-level skate-wheel conveyor types:
- Skate Wheel Conveyor Components - (for adding sections to your existing conveyor)

Multi Level skate wheel conveyor system provides a convenient way to store or move large quantities of molds throughout your manufacturing process. Excellent for mold storage and post cast curing. Product Bulletin


Bulk Bag Roller Conveyor

Easily transfer large bulk bags of filler from their storage location to the point of production using our 12" floor-mounted roller conveyors designed specifically for transferring bulk bags (aka Super Sacks). Click here to for detailed information about Bulk Bag Roller Conveyors.