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AutoCaster RC PLC CPU Upgrade Print


Avoid a potential "multi-day down" disaster because of old PLC CPU failure on your Autocaster RC casting machine! Replace your old unit with a new modern PLC CPU BEFORE the old one dies.

Old, obsolete PLC CPU (left) and new modern PLC CPU (right)

A dead PLC CPU results in complete loss of your Autocaster RC programming. All recipes, parameters and other software settings are gone! If your existing PLC CPU dies, your machine will be down for minimum of two days while a new PLC CPU is rushed out to you, and then you will have to re-verify your recipes and all software parameters. All this results in a costly minimum two days of no production, and then additional time to manually re-enter all the settings and recipes after installation (assuming you documented your settings beforehand.

If you rely on your machine and use it daily, its worth some preventative maintenance NOW to replace that old PLC CPU with a new, technically superior modern PLC.

It is becoming very common for the AutoCaster RC to lose all of its programming when the battery goes dead and power is lost even for a moment. This problem has been becoming more and more common with the obsolete 314IFM CPU. By replacing the CPU with a new Model 313C CPU you get the reliability of a modern CPU including Flash Memory eliminating the need for a backup battery completely. This can be ordered with part #165640R complete with a 313C CPU, 64K Memory card, generic programming, and instructions. You will need to re-enter all the settings and recipes after installation. If you have the ability to send the current running PLC with sufficient battery backup the program can be transferred to the new CPU including settings (see Replacement Options below).

The AutoCaster RC CPU Upgrade includes:
  • RC CPU Replacement / Upgrade
  • PLC CPU-313C  Module, S7-300
  • Replacement for 314IFM
  • Complete with Memory Card & Programming
  • Central Processing Unit, 24VDC
  • 1 Serial Ports, RS-485 MPI

Take preventative measures BEFORE you lose a PLC CPU by replacing your existing PLC Battery. Although the battery may last 2-3 years under normal use with power off only nights and weekends, we recommend replacing the battery annually to be sure it's ready when you need it. A good practice is to replace it on your birthday, anniversary, or other memorable date. Learn how to replace the PLC Battery here.

PLC CPU Replacement Options:

  1. You can proactively ship us your working PLC CPU when you won't need it for a few days, and we can quickly transfer all your software settings, recipes and parameters to a new modern PLC CPU and ship it back to you. Your "downtime" can be as little as two days, depending on the method of shipment to us. We'll return the new programmed PLC CPU to you the same day we recieve it, using the same shipping method unless you arrange something different with us in advance. You can plug in the new one, and you're up and running immediately.

  2. If your PLC is already dead, we can ship you a new unit programmed with basic generic settings, and you can plug it in, and then re-enter all your setup information, recipes, etc. If you do this, BE SURE to document all screens and settings (we recommend taking pictures of every screen beforehand).

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AutoCaster RC CPU Upgrade - #165640R*