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For over 40 years, Gruber Systems has provided expert composites manufacturing plant design consultation, design and engineering, and plant installation and training services to customers worldwide.


Plant Design, Layout and Engineering Services - For over 40 years, Gruber Systems has provided expert composites manufacturing plant design consultation, design and engineering, and plant installation and training services to customers worldwide. Gruber offers a complete factory solution for your manufacturing needs. From equipment to factory design and engineering services, Gruber will consult with you to define, design, and install a composites manufacturing plant for you - anywhere in the world. Whether cultured marble, solid surface, polymer concrete, light RTM, or other more exotic composites material processing requirement, Gruber has the engineering, process and installation expertise to get the job done quickly and expertly. Contact Gruber Systems to speak with an engineer regarding your needs.



Autocasterâ„¢ Continuous Casting Systems

The Autocaster series of continuous casting systems automate the production of polymer matrix for cast polymer manufacturing. Replacing manual mixing with the Autocaster can significantly increase productivity, cut material cost and improve quality all leading to increased for the manufacturer. Useful for a variety of composites manufacturing applications, including cultured marble, densified solid surface, polymer concrete, and other composites manufacturing applications:

Vacuum Autocaster Ultra - for automated production of densified solid surface parts

Autocaster Ultra - for automated production of cultured marble, cultured granite and cultured onyx

Autocaster Ultra P/C (Polymer Concrete) - specific to production of polymer concrete

Autocaster Economizer - a lower cost, smaller capacity Autocaster system. Based on our proven principles established in our larger Autocaster systems, the Economizer is a lower output continuous casting machine priced economically for those small and medium sized marble shops.


Metering & Dispensing Systems

Batchmaster III Automated Metering System - The current BatchMaster III is the third-generation series of our automated metering system for use in cultured marble and solid surface batch mixing. We have combined the best features of weight based and volumetric metering systems in a single system that is the most flexible and reliable on the market. Bulk Filler Handling Systems are integrated with Gruber Continuous Casting Systems, Metering and Dispensing Equipment, and other automated equipment to efficiently process larger quantities of material faster than possible using manual processes.

Ground Hoppers - Bulk Filler Handling Systems automate the delivery of powders, aggregates and other materials to the point of use in a manufacturing process. Gruber offers a variety of Ground Hoppers - including standard, self-metering, pneumatic and polymer concrete (application-specific) and Mobile versions.

Bulk Filler Handling Accessories - including Bulk Bag Suspender Frames, Bulk Bag Gantries, mobile upgrades and other accessories.


Blending & Mixing Systems

Blenders - thoroughly and automatically mix cultured marble matrix and other materials with this line of heavy-duty blenders - including Model 100, Model 200, Model 350, GS1350 and GS 2350 dual-vessel blender.

Vacuum Mixers - Gruber manufactures vacuum mixers that are designed to create solid surface material by evacuating air from the matrix during the blending process. Vacuum mixed materials are condensed, void-free, durable products that can be fabricated to create popular designs in today's kitchen and bath market. The line includes these heavy-duty vacuum mixers - including GS1700, GS1500, and GS1000.

Agitators - Bung Agitators high torque mixers thoroughly mix the contents of 55 gallon closed top drums - such as resin drums.


Tunnels, Booths and Rooms

Curing Tunnels - Choose from a variety of curing tunnels

Curing (Heat) Rooms - post-cure cast parts to increase hardness and durability with these curing room options

Spray Booths - needed for the application of gelcoat of other spray materials

Grind Booths - Grinding booths, with a variety of dust collection system options



Gruber offers an extensive selection of roller and skate-wheel type conveyors for solid surface manufacturing or cultured marble manufacturing - as well as any custom conveyor requirement you might have. Call Gruber when you're looking for a conveyor system - and we can help you design the optimal conveyor system for your requirements.

Roller Type - Roller Conveyor

Skate Wheel Type - A5, A8, A11, F5 Finishing, F8 Single Finishing with shelf, Multi-Level Single and Multi-Level Double

Skate Wheel components and spare parts


Carts and Tables

Casting Carts - Choose from Standard or Double Exchange Carts, Elevating, Tilt/Rotate,  Transversing, Roller exchange and other configurations.

Vibration (Vibe) Tables


Cranes and Gantries

Demolders, Rotators, Gantries, Bridge Cranes, Cup Lifters and more


Mold Storage Racks

Store your molds efficiently and cost-effectively with these mold storage systems

Ancillary Equipment

Finishing Equipment - Panel sanders and bullnose edge trimming systems greatly reduce finishing time and labor.

Clay/Wax Extruders - We carry both pneumatic and manual extruders for both wax and clay to quickly setup your mold for casting.

Cleaning Systems - A variety of mold and general clean up systems, including MarbleWash Pot Washers and Materials, Mixing Pot Washtubs, and Solvent Washtanks


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