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Whirlpool and Spa Installation Tools and Accessories Print
Professional Tools and Supplies make installation of your whirlpool system a breeze!


Duraflo Pump Stand

Duraflo Pump Stands raise the pump off the floor and provides proper drainage of the suction line back into the tub and down the drain. A rubber isolation pad is provided with the Pump Stand to prevent the bather from feeling any vibration from the pump.

Two pump stands are available:

Description/Order Number

  • Pump Stand for Duraflo Compact Pumps - #001850

  • Pump Stand for Duraflo II pumps - #001812 (subject to availability - call first)


Custom Installation Tool

Duraflo® custom installation tool are specaily designed to make installation of jet and suction wall fittings a snap.

Description/Order Number

  • Installation Tool, Spa Jet wall fitting. - #0022550

  • Installation Tool, Spa Jet Nozzle. - #0022555

  • Installation Tool, VIP wall fitting, Suction wall fitting, Hydro 5 - #0023998

  • Installation Tool, Lo-Profile Suction Wall Fitting - #0036335


Tie Straps

Duraflo® Tie straps and angle clips are very useful for securly supporting hoses and tubing in whirlpool bath installations.

Description/Order Number

  • Tie Strap, Hose support - #0P002600

  • Angle Clip, Hose Support - #001091


Hole Saws

Holes Saws are a convenient way to open up tub walls for installation of the whirlpool jets.

Description/Order Number
  • 1" Hole Saw, Mini Jets - #020431

  • 1-1/2" Hole Saw, VIP Jet Wall. - #020433

  • 2-3/8" Hole Saw, Spa Jet Wall, and Suction. - #020439

  • 1-3/8" Hole Saw, Air Control, Pneumatic Control - #020465

See other hole saws on our Cutting Tools supplies page.


Hose Cutter

Duraflo® Installation tools are high quality and help to make installation a breeze.

Description/Order Number

Hose Cutter - #001203



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