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Face Cap Sets (aka Trim Kits) Print

Face Caps (also referred to as Trim Sets), are often purchased to replace older facecaps and other external components of a whirlpool tub that have become worn or corroded. Gruber offers a variety of Cap Sets varieties, each available in a variety of finishes.

These oil rubbed bronze VIP 4 Cap SetCap Sets include the following:

  • the specified quantity of Jet Cover Face Caps (either 4, 6 or 8 Jet configurations - see the list below)
  • a matching Suction cover
  • 1 matching Air Flow Control Cover
  • complete Pneumatic On/Off (Sender) Assembly

Capsets are available for the following styles of caps shown below. Click on the link to view all available finishes and colors:

Note to Do-It-Yourselfers and those replacing your old Cap Set

If you have a whirlpool bath with VIP 3 face caps, AND that system uses the NEWER style of VIP 3 Facecaps (manufactured AFTER 2001), then you can replace that Capset with either VIP 3, or VIP 4 Cap Sets.

Note: Face Caps are also available individually.


Cap Set Styles

"Capsets" are the facecaps of each jet, plus the facecap for the Air Control, Pneumatic On/Off Switch Control, and the Suction. There are a variety of jet styles available, and each of these styles is available in a variety of colors or material finishes as well. Click on the links below to explore each of these series:

hydro_5_front_sm VIP4_face_front_sm VIP3_face_front_sm
mini_jets_face_front_sm Mini_Whirley_face_front_sm
Hydro 5 VIP 4 VIP 3 Spa Jet Mini-Eyeball Jets Mini-Whirly Jets

In addition to the standard Cap Sets shown above, premium Cap Sets are also available in a variety of special metal finishes:



Brushed Nickel Metal

Pearl Nickel Metal

Oil Rubbed Bronze Metal (VIP 4 only)

NOTE: If you are replacing your older facecaps on a VIP 3 or VIP 4 system, and the original equipment was purchased prior to 2002, the new replacement caps may not fit on the original bodies for the following three components - the On/Off Control, the Air Flow Control, and the Suction. For these three components, you MUST also replace other components (Pneumatic On/Off Body, Air Flow Control Body, and Suction Wall Fitting). To replace those components, you MUST have access to the underside of your tub, and be able to replace that hardware. This should be done by someone familiar with installing whirlpool kit components, and it is recommended that you have an experienced licensed contractor perform this work. For assistance ordering these additional components, call Gruber Systems Customer Support Center at (866) 260-6457.

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