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Is an Overflow Standard From ANSI in Our Future? Print

If the standard is passed in accordance with the CSA standard, it would call for a 1.74 GPM (gallon/minute) overflow drainage capacity with the overflow system capable of draining as much water as introduced into the bowl via the water supply over a specified period of time. The test would eliminate the regular drain from the equation as it would presumably be considered plugged or non-functional.

overflowpipe175 roundstem175 oval-overflow-polycollar150

Gruber Systems' oval overflow tubing provides sufficient drainage capacity to meet such a standard.  Our own internal testing of the oval overflow equipped systems delivered results varying from 3.9-4.4 GPM, comfortably over the rate mentioned in the CSA standard. However, the round overflow system may have difficulty in meeting this flow requirement.

As always, manufacturers of vanity bowls need to be aware of your own local, regional, and national standards that affect your marketplace.  Feel free to contact Gruber Systems whenever you have concerns about your ability to meet these requirements.