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Have you ever heard the saying, “What’s old is new“?  Well, we introduced the Wave Bowl with Chamfer edge a few years back with little fanfare. Recently, however, strong interest in this bowl has convinced us that it is time to re-introduce this design.  We showed this design at a recent ICPA regional meeting and now regularly receive orders for this unique, contemporary design. Permanent hats are also now available for this product.







At left - showing chamfer bowl edge detail of this mold




The Chamfer Wave Bowl is a particularly popular design amoung other cast polymer manufacturers. You should try it too!


Technical Data:


Cast Weight - 15 lb

Description/Order Number

108 - Wave Bowl with Chamfer - #26451
FFF-108 Wave Bowl with Chamfer (with front overflow) - #464518
Reusable Hats
RH Wave Chamfer No Overflow - #013636
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