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For almost 50 years, Gruber has focused on the manufacturing needs of the composites manufacturers and fabricators of cast products such as cultured marble, cultured onyx, cultured granite, solid surface and engineered stone. We also provide composites processing expertise for dozens of composites-related manufacturing applications. We provide engineering plant design services for composites manufacturers worldwide, and incorporate appropriate Gruber technologies such as continuous casting, automated metering and dispensing, blending and mixing, bulk filler handling systems and other capabilities. We offer a diverse range of GruberTech automation and plant manufacturing equipment, Metamold fiberglass molds, Seamless® adhesive, Granatex® solid surface fillers, Duraflo® whirlpool supplies, as well as thousands of manufacturing supply items, raw materials and other products to support our customers. We invite you to review our capabilities, and contact us for any composites or cast polymer-related manufacturing need you may have!

Gruber History with Cultured Marble Manufacturing

During the technological boom of the 1940's, science discovered a new material, cultured marble. This material is produced through the combination of natural marble dust and a synthetic resin. Louis Gruber, beginning Gruber Man Made Marble in 1958, was one of the earliest manufacturers to produce cultured marble for bathroom fixtures and furniture tops. As the demand for cultured marble products grew, scheduling pressures increased. Valuable production hours were lost making molds and chasing down supplies; the industry lacked the critical support of a reliable supplier. To meet this need, Gruber Man Made Marble became Gruber Systems, Inc

From its inception, the business was oriented toward a specific market with well established goals. These goals were, to sophisticate and develop product and tooling technology, to improve product design and marketing media, to design, develop, and produce equipment and management systems that will maximize production efficiency and profit, and to advance raw material technology towards harder surfaces, stronger product and weight reduction. Following these guidelines, Gruber has continuously sought after the general strengthening of the market. Gruber's dedication and close communication with manufacturers and industry suppliers has given it an extensive technical background. Gruber Systems, Inc. is now the acknowledged leader in design, production methods, and application for the Cast Polymer Industry, offering a full range and depth of services and product lines, such as: product design, production molds, manufacturing systems, training, research and development, and much more.

Because of Gruber's commitment to quality, improvements, and on-going research, in 1973, the company joined together with marble manufacturers and raw material suppliers to form the Cultured Marble Institute (CMI), an independent nationwide manufacturers association. With the advent of solid surface materials, CMI's name changed to the International Cast Polymer Association (ICPA). ICPA's goal is the development of uniform quality standards and product improvement through research and education, assuring the consumer that cultured marble and granite products will not only be better looking, but also more functional and durable than ever before.

Now more than ever, Gruber Systems, Inc. stands as a hallmark of quality, design leadership, manufacturing expertise and service to cast polymer manufacturers around the world. This quality has been developed through the combined efforts of experienced manufacturers, systems engineers, product designers, and skilled craftsmen. All of our professionals are dedicated to making your job as a cultured marble manufacturer easier, faster, safer and more profitable.

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