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Gruber Systems is your expert at custom manufacturing of automated casting, metering, mixing, blending and conveying solutions for a broad range of composites related manufacturing applications. See our complete selection of Composites Manufacturing Equipment here.

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Continuous Casting Automated Metering Bulk Filler Handling Blending & Mixing Tunnels, Booths and Rooms Conveyors Casting Carts & Tables Cranes & Gantries
Gruber has almost 50 years of mold manufacturing experience, including open cast polymer molds, closed molds, vacuum form tooling, and specialized molds for accessibility applications. Call today to discuss your new custom mold idea or browse our thousands of mold designs.
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Open Cast Molds
For Open Casting of Cast Polymers, including Cultured Marble, Solid Surface and others.
Closed Molds
For polyester or acrylic casting of solid surface and other cast polymers.
FRP/Specialty Molds
For a variety of FRP applications including Vacuum Form Tooling, Light RTM and more.
Molds for ADA or Accessibility applications
Granatex-Header800Granatex "Granite Effect" Solid Surface Fillers include hundreds of Granatex materials, and are used to cast either sheet stock and/or compound shape products for kitchens, bathrooms, and architectural environments, including vanity decks, kitchen countertops, cast vanity bowl and sinks, cast wall panels, bathtubs, shower pans and surrounds and more - with or without gel coat.

header700Seamless Solid Surface Adhesives are used by fabricators worldwide for reliable, quality and virtually invisable seaming of solid surface and other materials - including wood, engineered stone and other surfacing materials that require seaming. Multiple package sizes are available, and over 26 different material colors that are laboratory tested for compatibility with the vast majority of solid surface materials available from most solid surface sheet stock manufacturers. Choose from regular cure speed in warm climates, or rapid cure speed during the winter season for consistent seaming time and superior bonding performance. Private labeling and custom color matches are available.

See the full range of Marshall-Gruber Seamless Adhesives, or call toll-free at (866) 260-6457.

With our complete selection of systems, kits and components, we have just what you need to install new, or update, repair or replace an existing whirlpool bathing tub. See the full range of Marshall-Gruber Duraflo® Whirlpool and Spa Systems, Kits and Components, or call toll-free at (866) 260-6457.

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Whirlpool Kits Pumps Heaters Jets Capsets Suction On/Off Control Air Flow Control
Hose & Tubing
PVC Fittings Tools and Accessories


cast polymer suppliesGruber Systems offers a complete line of casting and molding supplies for production or fabrication of cultured marble, solid surface or other cast product.

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Gruber Supplies and Accessories are now Marshall-Gruber Supplies products.



    Autocaster™ Ultra

    Continuous Casting Systems

    Continuous matrix production offers significant increase in capacity, improved quality, and savings in labor and raw materials. For Solid Surface, Cultured Marble and Polymer Concrete Manufacturing. Learn More

    Welcome to Gruber Systems!

    For over 50 years, Gruber Systems has focused on the manufacturing needs of the cast polymer and other composites manufacturers that utilize materials such as polymer concrete, cultured marble, cultured onyx, cultured granite, solid surface and engineered stone.

    Gruber Systems offers cast polymer manufacturers with highly durable Metamold fiberglass molds, as well as process automation equipment for production of cast polymer products.

    Gruber is well known for providing industrial strength cast polymer manufacturing equipment and products that automate and increase manufacturing efficiency for many kinds of cast polymer manufacturing requirements. Our automation and plant manufacturing equipment includes our well known AutoCaster™ continuous casting systems, automated metering and dispensing systems, blenders and vacuum mixers, bulk filler handling systems and other process automation and production line equipment.

    We have decades of experience consulting with our manufacturing customers to provide manufacturing plant design, installation and training to provide customers with a turn-key manufacturing plant for the production of cultured marble and solid surface cast product.

    We invite you to review our capabilities, and contact us for any composites or cast polymer-related manufacturing need you may have!